Starting in Earnest

Midsummer’s day saw us back on Arran. This week we began work to put things right in earnest, beginning with overhauling (OK replacing) the roof coverings. We engaged Neil Young to do the major works for us and he began by replacing the slates, and some rotten timbers, to the first roof slope you see as you head toward the PHT from the ferry. In the course of this work we got a nice lighting effect in the loft space.

In the course of this work, we discovered that the roof had been extended in the past...

...which in turn led to the realisation that the front wall of the pub had been raised – you can see where the stonework ends and render marked with stone coursing begins.

Neil’s shiny toy reduced the labour of getting the new slates up there!

Meanwhile, we continued to strip out detritus and grime, all the while wondering what would turn up next – one thing that did was when we had a closer look at the collapsed roof of the leaky sheds at the rear and the ‘bridge’ that connects it to the pub – it transpires that the blockwork ‘balustrades’ are built off the timber roof deck and that the substantial looking steel beams are sitting in, in one case, nothing but rot (you can see the end of the beam in the picture below, just to the left of the triangle of light formed by the crushing of rotten timber) – all that’ll have to go then!

When the time came a few days later when we had to leave again, we had a shiny new bit of roof (with a bit of a view!).

This time around we did manage to get out a bit and catch some fabulous evening light around the north of the island…

…and a sunset over the mountains :)

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